Preparing Your Trees for Spring

arborist pruning trees for spring tree care
Spring is in the air and there’s never been a better time to ensure your yard stays healthy inside and out. The trees and shrubs you plant are a form of living investment that will only grow – literally and in terms of value – as time passes. When trees and shrubs are properly selected and planted, you can expect them to thrive if they are given the right care.

Caring for plants includes fertilizing, pruning, and the occasional pest control. At we perform the aforementioned spring tree services to ensure the health of your trees. Discover the proper care that may need to be performed to your trees and landscape this spring.

Spring Pruning

The concept of “spring cleaning” can extend to pruning off the frost damage from your trees and plants, which could be caused by harsh winters. Spring is when you take your garden and prepare it or summer by getting rid of the deadwood and any other unwanted pieces of landscaping. This reduces the damage that can be caused to new landscaping.

Fertilize Your Soil

Make sure you apply fertilizer when your plants need it and when they are ready to absorb all the nutrients through their roots. Be smart about when you apply it, applying at times that coincide with proper soil moisture and active root growth.

It’s best to fertilize your trees and shrubs during early spring, followed up by an application of light fertilizer early in the summer; assuming that the conditions are right for a growing plant (agreeable temperatures and good soil moisture).

You should avoid fertilizing your shrubs and trees if they have been stressed because of the drought of summer months. If there isn’t enough water for your plants, then don’t fertilize them at all as they won’t be able to absorb the nutrients in the fertilizer.

arborist spreading soil fertilizer to tree roots for spring

Pest Control

One of the first and most obvious signs something is wrong with your tree is damage to the stem and leaves. This could be an indication of an infestation of insects. Spring is when it becomes most apparent that trees have been infested or damaged by pests.

One of the most effective ways to control pests is to start by choosing the right plants. As you are designing, buying, or replacing your landscape plants, pick up plants that are more resistant to pests and infestations.

Secondly, you need to closely inspect the landscape plants and trees weekly to check for signs of pest problems as they continue to grow. Keep in mind that some mites and insects are minute and often hide on the underside of leaves. You need to pay very close attention and give a thorough inspection to notice and solve these pest problems.

Get Your Landscape Ready for Spring

Having a healthy lawn is more than just something good to look at. A healthy lawn keeps the environment healthy too. Trees and plants absorb plenty of carbon dioxide and release lots of oxygen. Trees are also good for the environment because they reflect the sun’s rays through transpiration of water. Finally, trees and plants prevent corrosion by keeping soil in place.

Spring is the when Mother Nature “springs” back to life, and all the trees and flowers come back into full bloom. It’s also the time of year when homeowners know they need to act to ensure that their trees and landscapes stay beautiful for another year!

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Tree Watering and Soil Fundamentals

Keeping trees healthy through proper watering and nutrient rich soil
From your tree’s perspective, soil is the primary ingredient in its environment. It is not enough to merely plant a tree, though. You’ll need to make sure they are getting the right amount of water, too. A balance needs to be met, and understanding a tree’s water and soil requirements can substantially benefit its health. Allow to inspect your tree’s soil, and keep reading for suggestions on how to enhance the health of your tree, landscape, and plant’s soil.

Why Soil is Vital

Not all forms of soil are identical. Each tree likes a specific kind of soil to grow with. Prior to establishing places to plant trees around your home, it is prudent to determine if the soil is in optimal condition. The soil’s nutrients must be right, and the soil must be dense enough to retain water for the trees. Several organisms in the soil will contribute to the growth of a healthy tree.

Why Water is Crucial

All things need water to thrive and survive. Water hydrates trees and provides them with the nutrients they require to keep growing and remain healthy. Water is one of the essential factors in supporting photosynthesis inside the tree. Incorrect watering can result in numerous troubles for any plant or tree.

Water for Different Soil Types

Also vital is the kind of tree soil used. If the soil is clay-like or compacted too tightly, the tree might need infrequent watering since the soil will retain moisture for a longer duration. However, if the soil used to plant trees is sandy or contains a texture that is coarse, it will need to be watered more often since the moisture will quickly drain off. New trees need to be watered consistently for one to three seasons.

Keeping trees healthy through nutrient rich soil and appropriate watering

Rich Soil and Watering Produces a Healthy Tree

When trees are correctly watered and planted in soil rich in nutrients, they can flourish in just about any setting. Similarly, a nurturing ecosystem aids them in resisting ailments and growing healthier. Developing a watering schedule and assessing your soil can lead to long-term tree and plant health.

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Signs and Symptoms of a Troubled Tree

mushroom at the base of a disease infected tree in Marietta Ga
No one likes to pay to have a tree assessed to see if its been infected by insects or diseased, but there’s a much larger cost if an unhealthy tree were to fall onto your property. When you start to notice visible problems with your tree, contact an emergency tree removal service to have the problem surveyed and diagnosed.

Thus it’s critical you know the warning signs and visual cues. Listed below are some of the major signs and tree damage symptoms to help you avoid a tree disaster.

Signs of Deteriorating Tree Health

While some of these signs might be obvious, there are some signs of tree damage that can make it look like your tree might actually be growing. That is why it is so important you understand these signs and recognize them.

Insect Infestation – Some insects will create their nests in tree foliage and then spend their lives eating all the greenery. Because the leaves of a tree provide it with the vital food and nutrients it needs, parasites can cut off the food supply for your tree and starve it. There are also insects that will burrow into the tree, which gives rot and disease the chance to work their way into the tree and start destroying it.

Dying or Dead Tree Limbs – Perhaps the most obvious sign that something is very wrong with your tree is noticeably dead or dying tree limbs. These limbs will be brittle and appear gray. There could be some leaves left on a dying limb, but these leaves will be smaller and there will be less of them on a dying limb.

marietta ga dying tree limb

New Growth Around the Base – If you were to see growth or shoots around the base of your tree you might think it would be a good sign, but this is actually a sign that the roots of your tree are being suffocated, or that the leaves have become so damaged that your tree isn’t getting enough nutrients.

Leaning Trees – If the tree starts to lean then it means that the top could be damaged or that the roots are weak. Your trees are less likely to lean if you provide proper care for them when they start growing. Unfortunately most people inherit a tree after they have been growing for a while; when it is likely too late.

Mushrooms Around the Base – If mushrooms start growing around your tree it is a likely sign that the tree is dying or dead on the inside. Mushrooms can only grow when there is decaying material. So if you notice that there are mushrooms on or around your tree you need to get an arborist to come check the tree out for additional damage.

Have Your Damaged Tree Treated

If you want to control diseases and insects that maybe affecting your trees and shrubs, you should call in a tree professional. An arborist or tree expert can determine whether disease or insect infestation is affecting your tree and how you can treat it. Knowing the warning signs is a simple way to remain safe and prevent unnecessary damage to your property.

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5 Popular Marietta Ga Shrub Species

There is an infinite list of shrub species to choose from. The 5 amazing shrub plants chosen for this article stood out as being relatively low maintenance, as well as visually striking. Shrubbery is outstanding for slowing natural soil erosion, even augmenting curb appeal! How cool is that?!

Marietta Tree Experts Talking Shrubbery

Choosing the right shrubs and trees for your Marietta yard conditions is critical to creating a stunning landscape. Listed below are some beautiful and easy to maintain shrub plants. See their photos, read the pertinent care information, and choose what sounds most desirable for your Marietta Ga backyard.

Hydrangea – Known for its blooms which appear to be pom-poms left behind by a group of cheerleaders, the Hydrangea is a much sought after shrub for its sturdiness as well as its beauty. The Hydrangea remains in bloom from early spring to late autumn – while other shrubs and trees have already lost their leaves and luster.

This shrub sports flowers in colors including white, blue, pink lavender and rose – sometimes all on the same shrub! This factor relies on the pH of the soil, aluminum ions become more or less accessible as the pH changes. This can alter the color of the flowers in some of the species. Interestingly, those bearing white flowers are not affected by the pH level in the soil.

rhododendron shrub plant

Winter Honeysuckle – Known as the “harbinger of spring”, the Winter Honeysuckle is a robust low maintenance shrub reaching heights of 4 – 6 feet. While not the most attractive of shrubs, it is among the first to bloom at the end of the winter season. The scent produced by its blooms can be carried hundreds of feet and are succulent in nature. The Winter Honeysuckle can begin a blooming spree that starts before the end of winter lasting throughout spring, not to mention that the leaves remain green throughout the year. The Winter Honeysuckle is a true garden favorite.

Aucuba – Commonly known as the spotted laurel or gold dust plant, Aucuba is an evergreen shrub that grows 6 to 10 feet tall with colorful, green and yellow-gold leaves reaching lengths up to 8 inches long. While the flowers aren’t particularly ornamental, the Aucuba is valued for its ability to thrive in the most difficult of garden environments. It also copes well with pollution and salt-laden coastal winds – not that coastal winds would be an issue for Marietta Georgia gardens.

Attractive, bright red berries replace its flowers in the fall if a male plant grows nearby. The flowers and fruit will often hide behind the foliage. Aucuba also makes nice container shrubs or houseplants, with the ability to quickly adapt to an indoor setting.

Florida Anise – Also known as Star Anise (due to the star-like shape of its fruit), the Florida Anise is an evergreen shrub reaching heights of 10 – 12 feet tall and 6 – 8 feet wide. This beauty of a shrub is best-suited for shade, at the most, morning sun. Thriving in a rich, organic soil which remains uniformly moist, once established, plants are said to have great drought resistance.

How can you not fall in love with shrubbery that has a built-in self defense system? Due to the poisonous aromatic compounds in the foliage, Florida anise makes itself resistant to insect feeding and animal browse. Literally saying: “Leave my Leaves Alone!”

Rhododendron – A well desired shrub able to reach heights of 15 feet or more, the Rhododendron flowers will bloom from late winter to early summer. This shrub is shade tolerant and attracts hummingbirds making it that much more desirable. Let’s face it, the life attracted to (or repelled by) the species chosen is as fundamental as its appearance.

Being the national flower of Nepal makes it a fun conversation piece as well… Well, sort of.

hydrangea shrub plant

Popular Shrubs for Marietta Landscaping

Make your yard a destination point! Listen for the ‘ooohs’ and ‘aaahs’ at the beauty you and our Marietta tree professionals have assembled. Enjoying the beauty of a well planned yard, the life it attracts and the value it gives are some of the many rewards for years to come.

Check out our tree care blog for other related topics.

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5 Popular Marietta Georgia Shade Trees

Anyone who’s spent a summer in Marietta Georgia can attest to the absolute necessity for shade trees. On a hot and humid day, there isn’t much that compares to a tall glass of ice-water while resting below the canopy of a beautiful shade tree.

Trees in general provide a natural eco-infrastructure. From birds choosing to nest to squirrels hopping from limb to limb. Trees also work with surrounding vegetation to prevent soil erosion – now that’s some serious teamwork!

Common Shade Trees in Marietta

Red Maple – Knowing their mature size will help choose the species you should plant.

The Red Maple is best known and most dependable for its brilliant deep scarlet fall leaves. This makes the Red Maple highly sought after for residents looking to add color and flare to their autumn landscaping.

The US Forest Service recognizes the Red Maple as the most commonplace native tree in eastern North America. From sea level to high altitudes and from swamps to poor and dry soil, the Red Maple is able to adapt and remain healthy in varied weather and soil conditions.  These qualities makes this an ideal tree for homeowners looking for shade and low-maintenance.

Oak Trees – You can admire its grandiosity or simply relish in the amazingly expansive shade provided by any one of the varieties of the iconic Oak Tree. Oak trees are fast growing, large canopy trees, which makes them excellent shade trees.

Pin Oaks quickly reach upwards from 60 to 70 feet and provide a canopy spread of 25 to 40 feet. Red Oaks reach up to 75 feet tall with up to a 50 foot canopy spread. Not as quick to reach its heights, White Oaks reach a staggering 100 feet tall with up to an 80-foot spread having thick horizontal branches.

Simply knowing their mature size will help choose the species you should plant.

Flowering Dogwood – Knowing their mature size will help choose the species you should plant. If you were to spot a Flowering Dogwood in full bloom, you might easily compare it to a cloud. Either the pink or white varieties serve perfectly for ornamental landscaping or simply as a destination tree in a woodland garden.

Let’s take a look at a few characteristics of ‘Cherokee Brave’ and ‘Cherokee Princess’.

The pink ‘Cherokee Brave’ reaches 20 to 30 feet with its new growth being reddish green that turns to a rich green as the leaves mature. The fall color of a ‘Brave’ is an amazing burgundy red with berries in the fall.

The white ‘Cherokee Princess’ reaches 15 to 25 feet and produces berries in the fall that attract songbirds. The fall foliage of the ‘Princess’ is a bright blend of orange and red.

With Dogwood selection, your decision lies with canopy color and desired height of the tree.

Crape Myrtle – Highly sought after for their beautiful range of colors both privately and commercially, the Crape Myrtle is chiefly known for its colorful and long-lasting flowers which bloom in the summer.

The array of colors vary from deep purple to red and white – with virtually every color in between. After 200 years of cultivation, Crape Myrtles evolved into a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colors able to fill nearly every landscaping need.

These great specimens work as sharp looking street trees to dense barrier hedges for privacy. There are also fast-growing dwarf types (under 2 feet) which can achieve seed to bloom in a single season.

A Crape Myrtle is a flexible and colorful shade tree you should consider to add to your Marietta yard.

Willow Oak – Willow Oak trees are known for leaves that grow from soft, springy branches that drape toward the ground. It’s a sight to see and this drooping habit has earned the tree the nickname ‘weeping willow.’

The Willow is not ideal for all yards, this very unique species should be discussed with your local tree expert before making any decisions.

Willow trees have a short trunk and a broad canopy. Mature trees may reach 50′ high and 40′ across. The tree grows best along river banks and ponds where the roots can freely seek out water. If planted in a landscape, the tree is known for invasive roots potentially disrupting in-ground utilities in their intrusive quest for water. Willows are deciduous trees preferring full sun and are the first to produce leaves, while being the last to shed them in fall.

Bring Diversity and Shade to Your Yard

There you have it. A great Arboriculture moment! And whether you are looking to add more foliage, hang a swing from a branch or completely overhaul your landscaping, these are five popular shade trees that can improve the landscaping, aesthetics, and ultimately the curb appeal of your Marietta, Georgia home.

Check out our blog for more tree care related articles.

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Tree Professional Opens New Tree Removal Service In Marietta, Georgia

The company has been serving the Georgia area for over 15 years and is now expanding to focus on areas such as East Cobb, Woodstock, Smyrna, Vinings, Mableton, Kennesaw, and Roswell, Georgia. Now, the company is fully entrenched in Marietta and hopes that the residents of that area will take full advantage of their services.

Marietta, GA – A longstanding emergency tree removal company, Todd’s Marietta Tree Services, has opened a new outlet in Marietta Georgia. The company has been serving the Georgia area for over 15 years and is now expanding to focus on areas such as East Cobb, Woodstock, Smyrna, Vinings, Mableton, Kennesaw, and Roswell, Georgia. Now, the company is fully entrenched in Marietta and hopes that the residents of that area will take full advantage of their services.

“We are very happy to have a service in Marietta finally,” says Justin Johnson from Todd’s Marietta Tree Services. “Being in Marietta will allow us to serve the residents of this area more effectively. We will be closer to them, and that will enable us to respond to their needs faster. It will also be cheaper for them to access our services because our running costs will be lower now. No more traveling from our other location to serve our clients in Marietta. Already we have observed a very good reception. Not only do we enjoy a loyal customer base from our previous operations, but we are also garnering new customers thanks to our new service.”

Justin Johnson says that the company plans to embark on a marketing spree to promote the new service in Marietta. This will include the use of vehicle signage, print advertisements and online advertising via their website and social media pages. The company may also create limited offers on their Google+ and blog to celebrate the new service with their loyal customers. All in all, the firm is optimistic and hopes for the best in the coming weeks.

Todd’s Marietta Tree Services offers several tree-related services to their customers. One of the most common is tree removal or tree cutting. This is often requested where one wants to build a structure or redesign their landscape or garden. Emergency tree cutting services can be required when storm damage has affected trees or made them a threat to a home or business. The firm also offers tree pruning services which are ideal where tree branches are obstructing light or outdoor views around a property. Pruning can also be administered if tree branches interfere with electric lines or sidewalks. In addition to tree work, the contractor also offers stump removal services. Whatever the need, Todd’s Marietta Tree Services delivers quality results to their customers.



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Transfers changing Georgia’s high school football landscape

The number of prominent football players who transfer is on the rise. The biggest news of the Georgia football offseason was the transfer of five seniors to Grayson, each rated among the top 100 recruits in Georgia, four in the top 25.

The trend doesn’t sit well with many coaches. A few have sounded off about it in our daily “Four Questions” feature this month.

Chad Phillips of Starr’s Mill called it a “free-agent crisis.” He lost 1,725-yard rusher Rico Frye to Creekside. “We have an out-of-control problem with kids bouncing from school to school to school,” Phillips said.

AAJC football promo 004

Phillips wants the GHSA to adopt a policy similar to one in Texas that requires transfers to sit out a year unless their change of residence is more than 75 miles.

Northview head coach Chad Davenport wants in-county transfers to sit out a year. “We have to implement something with teeth that prevents what has happened over the last few seasons,” he said.

Davenport took issue to a Twitter post in May by Grayson linebacker Breon Dixon, who transferred from Peachtree Ridge. The post read: “GHSA can’t do nothing if everything legal and boys that grew up together wanna play with each other … Savages play with savages.”

“When kids go on Twitter and taunt the GHSA and say there is nothing they can do, it hurts our game,” Davenport said.

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